Philosophy of Treatment

The journey of life is one filled with joy, happiness, sadness, disappointments, loss and renewal.  I feel my goal as a psychologist is to enable a child, adolescent, young adult, and adult to find the strength to review life’s troubling issues and form new perceptions which enables different outlooks on problems.  I feel the only problems in life are situations that can not be resolved.  Many times the resolutions are not what we thought life would offer us, but that is what we have.  It is our responsibility to make the best of the options available so we can make healthy judgments based on the reality of the situations.  As a result of not living through wishes rather well grounded in reality we give ourselves the opportunity to find inner peace which will enables us to love ourselves for who we are and in turn love others in a respectful manner.  As a result, your goals and desires can be realized.  You can make changes and your life can be more fulfilling and satisfying. You will be able to work, love and play in a balanced fashion feeling positive about your interactions and reaching your personal goals in business, love relationships, family and friends. 

My therapeutic approach to problems is an “Integrative Healing Family Therapy Approach”.  What that means is each individual gets the opportunity to look at his/her thinking, feeling and behavior in relationship to the self and others.  The next step is to define his/her stance on the problem presented.  It means to know who you are in relation to the problem.  It is the ability to separate the head from the heart when dealing with an emotionally charged issue so you can identify your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. That means no matter what the age of the client, the ability to begin to take responsibility for who you are and how you think and act is essential. Each individual comes packaged with strengths and weaknesses.  It is our job to take those strengths and build upon them and little by little release the weaknesses so to build a strong self who knows what you want and how to get what you want from your self and others based in reality and not fantasy.

I have been in practice for 20 years where I specialize in the treatment of child/adolescent, adults and couples.  My approach is called “Integrative Healing Family Therapy” which focuses on two aspects:  how the individual functions in relationship to himself and how he/she relates to the world around.  I never see a person or families’ problems as existing in one person.  Everyone is part of a system.  The work is to enable clients to see their dilemmas realistically enabling them to feel less victimized and then able to make shifts and changes in perceptions and actions which will empower them.  As a result they will feel happier and more in charge of their lives.  Their interactions will improve and they will be able to love and receive love.  I treat anxiety, depression, parenting difficulties, eating disorders, marital and couple conflict and child and adolescent behavior issues.